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Efficiently document photovoltaic installations

TabTool PV Installation gives you more time for the essentials during solar panel installations. It allows you to easily handle project organization and documentation with one single app.

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The cloud-based digitalization software TabTool PV Installation combines the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a mobile app for tablets or smartphones and the convenience of a powerful application for office PCs.

Paperless documentation

Data captured on paper can be lost - whether it's because you can't find a document anymore or because it becomes unusable due to rain and snow on the construction site. With TabTool PV Installation, you can securely store captured data, photos and notes in one central location and easily retrieve them later thanks to intelligent linkages. Important protocols such as initial site inspection, material delivery, installation and acceptance can be filled out and completed on-site, including signatures.

Your Photovoltaic CRM

TabTool PV Installation assists you in optimizing and maintaining your customer relationships. As a cloud-based software, it acts as a digital partner throughout the entire process of installing a photovoltaic system, starting from the initial customer inquiry, through the quotation, planning, installation, and all the way to acceptance and final documentation. Similar to a CRM system, TabTool PV Installation collects and organizes all the information related to a customer order in one central location.

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Get to know TabTool PV Installation

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Always have all the information with you

With TabTool PV Installation, you always have all the relevant information with you on the construction site, such as roof occupancy plans, electrical diagrams, product data sheets, and installation manuals, without the need for carrying around piles of paper. In the mobile TabTool app on your tablet or smartphone, these documents can be stored as PDFs and linked to the respective components for easy access.

Efficient planning and organizing

The web-based desktop application, TabTool Office, serves as the administration and control center for TabTool PV Installation. With customizable dashboards and overview lists, you can keep track of your projects efficiently. View and track open tasks, tickets, and upcoming deadlines, as well as monitor the progress of project communication. Additionally, you can store documents from your planning software in TabTool PV Installation and make them accessible to other project stakeholders.

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Automatically generate protocols

TabTool saves you the tedious post-work after the on-site visit where data had to be collected and processed into protocols using Excel and Word. With just one click, the app processes the data captured on mobile devices into clear, professionally formatted protocols in your corporate design.

Manage contacts and communication

When was something agreed upon with whom? With TabTool PV Installation, you can keep track of it all. In addition to the contact information of all project stakeholders, you can also organize the entire project correspondence, meeting minutes, and conversation notes in one central place within the app.

Calendar with appointment reminders

You can coordinate appointments of all project participants using the TabTool calendar and set up appointment reminders via email or push notifications. Synchronize the TabTool calendar with your personal calendar to receive push notifications directly on your smartphone.

Use text templates

If you frequently write comments, notes, or similar texts with the same wording in your daily work, you can save yourself unnecessary typing by storing standard texts that you can insert with a single click at the desired location.