A PV operations manager stands in front of solar panels with a tablet in hand.

TabTool PV O&M: The App for Photovoltaic Field Service

With the cloud-based software TabTool PV O&M, you control and document all operations and maintenance processes of the photovoltaic field service - easily, efficiently and comprehensively.

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These companies already rely on TabTool PV:


Web application for project managers

Project managers in technical operations management use the web application TabTool Office for planning inspections and maintenance operations, assigning work orders, and creating digital checklists that provide clear workflows for the field service. Thanks to real-time synchronization, you can instantly access data from the field in the office.

App for documenting fieldwork

The TabTool app for tablets or smartphones provides field service professionals with a digital tool to document O&M services efficiently, transparently, and directly on-site. Once the on-site operation in the PV power plant is completed, TabTool PV O&M generates a digital report PDF with just a click. That's how easy photovoltaic O&M documentation can be!


Keep an eye on the entire PV system.

TabTool PV O&M is more than just a ticket or checklist app. The photovoltaic cloud software also supports the technical asset management of solar parks. With TabTool PV O&M, you can digitally map the entire technical hierarchy of a photovoltaic system, from the transformer to the inverters, modules, and even individual cables.

Structured data ensures transparency and overview: What services have been performed on the system? Have the identified defects been addressed? What is the condition of individual system components? Using configurable filters, you can display the data you need for efficient PV asset management.

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Optimize maintenance planning

The data captured with the mobile app for Photovoltaic Field Service, TabTool PV O&M, provides technical asset managers with detailed insights into the quality and lifespan of a photovoltaic system. The direct linkage of defects with the associated components enables an analysis of fault frequencies and failure rates. This allows for more targeted planning of preventive maintenance measures for PV systems.

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Paperless maintenance documentation

Instead of a clipboard, camera, and other tools, all you need for data collection during the inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic systems with TabTool PV O&M is a tablet or smartphone. The TabTool app for photovoltaic field service guides you through the processes of PV inspection and system maintenance with customizable checklists, ensuring consistent and comprehensive mobile data collection.

Capture data with less effort

Photos, notes, and comments that you create during PV system inspections with your tablet or smartphone are directly linked to the corresponding components in TabTool PV O&M. This saves you the effort of assigning them later and ensures that no data is lost. Creating reports for inspection and maintenance documentation is also quick and effortless with TabTool, as the PV documentation software automatically generates digital report PDFs from the collected data with just a click of a mouse.

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Case Study greentech

greentech, one of the largest PV specialists in Europe, uses TabTool PV O&M for technical operations management. With the TabTool app, greentech's O&M professionals document inspection, testing, and maintenance work on photovoltaic systems directly on-site using mobile devices. As a result, greentech was able to significantly reduce the time spent on documentation and report generation.

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Real-time synchronization

Through real-time synchronization, TabTool's photovoltaic cloud software ensures that all stakeholders in a PV O&M project can access the same data - whether on-site in the solar park or at the office PC. This allows information and work orders to be shared and communicated without delay.

Customizable digital checklists

TabTool PV O&M gives you the ability to create customized inspection and maintenance checklists for each project and scope of work. This allows you to provide O&M services that are fully tailored to your client's needs, making the inspection processes easier and more efficient for your staff on-site.

Detailed defect recording

In the TabTool PV O&M app, you can centrally store defect details such as severity, affected components, and recommended actions in a digital defect record during the defect recording in the solar park. By uploading an unlimited number of images, you can comprehensively document defects and locate them using GPS tags.

Work offline

Are you inspecting or maintaining a photovoltaic system located in an area with insufficient network coverage? Don't worry, your field-captured information for PV O&M documentation won't be lost! If needed, you can save and edit data in the TabTool mobile app offline until the next cloud synchronization.

Well-structured data in a clear and organized format

TabTool stores data in digital files that are hierarchically structured and interconnected. Each component of a photovoltaic power plant is linked intelligently to the O&M activities performed on it, the responsible technicians, and the detected faults on the asset. This makes it easy to find and analyze data within the relevant context.

Reports in corporate design

All O&M documentation reports, such as inspections, maintenance, and site visits, can be automatically generated in your corporate design. Upon request, we are happy to integrate customized report templates for digital O&M reporting that precisely meet your requirements.