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The software for photovoltaic inspection and maintenance

With TabTool PV O&M, you can centrally plan and document maintenance and servicing activities for photovoltaic systems on a single platform. This provides better overview and more efficient processes.

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The rapid growth in installation of photovoltaic systems and the increasing aging of existing solar power plants pose challenges for providers of photovoltaic inspection and maintenance. With heightened requirements, it is crucial to reliably and without compromising quality, manage a growing number of projects. TabTool PV O&M assists you in overcoming these challenges. Developed in collaboration with plant operators, this cloud-based software structures and standardizes the processes of inspection, maintenance, and upkeep through the use of digital workflows.


With TabTool PV O&M, project managers can centrally manage the maintenance and upkeep of all PV systems in their portfolio.

TabTool PV O&M consolidates all site-related information, establishes interconnections through linkages, and provides a unified information base for all stakeholders in project management and field service.

Maintaining and analyzing system data

With TabTool PV O&M, you can digitally map the technical hierarchy of a photovoltaic power plant, from the transformer to inverters, modules, and even individual cables. TabTool links the plant components with the maintenance and repair operations carried out on them, allowing for targeted analysis of this data.

Collecting data from the field

In TabTool PV O&M, you can document all field operations data in one place. This creates a complete, well-structured inspection and maintenance history. You can use this data on faults, defects, and their resolutions to plan maintenance and repair measures even more efficiently.


Previously, creating reports often meant completing the inspection on-site and then spending time at the desk to compile the inspection reports and photos into a presentable document.

With TabTool PV O&M, it's different. Service technicians enter all data and photos directly into the TabTool app during their inspection or maintenance tasks on-site. Once the on-site visit is completed, a simple click is all it takes to generate a report. Instead of spending time at the desk, the O&M field service team can focus on more site visits, where their expertise is most needed: on the photovoltaic installations.

Convenient Digital Forms

When an O&M professional is assigned a work order through the TabTool app, such as for an inspection, maintenance, or repair, they receive the corresponding digital form for documentation. This form includes a job description and all necessary checkpoints, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the execution of the task.

Automatically generate a list of defects

Capture defects with details such as severity, affected components, and recommended actions in a digital defect record. Use GPS tags or plan markings to locate the affected areas of the facility and upload photos of the damages. TabTool automatically integrates all defects into your inspection report.

Here's what our customers have to say.

"We have all the photos and information regarding orders and issues stored centrally in TabTool, and we can generate evaluations and reports with just a click, which otherwise would have to be done manually using Excel or other programs. This saves us a lot of time in our daily work."

Sven Kaelke, Quality expert at ENERPARC Service GmbH

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"Operators create guided maintenance and inspection processes with TabTool PV O&M, making error-free data collection easy - thanks to digital forms with customizable fields and individually editable checklists. Provide your PV field service team with a customized inspection protocol for each PV system and performance point. PV service technicians can access these digital inspection and measurement protocols on a tablet or smartphone and fill them out on the go."

Collaborate seamlessly

As a cloud software, TabTool PV O&M synchronizes data in real-time, ensuring that all project team members have the same information regardless of their location. Whether it's the project management team in the office or the service technicians on-site, everyone can access and share information without any delays, enabling seamless communication of information and work orders.

The app is also usable offline

The photovoltaic system you are maintaining or inspecting is located in an area with poor network coverage? No problem, the data you capture in the field for the inspection or maintenance report won't be lost! The TabTool app stores the data offline until the next cloud synchronization.